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Truth & Fairytales - Trailer

Directors: Kevin Tudor Sr.

Screenwriter:  Kevin Tudor

Genre:  Drama

Length: Feature


Synopsis: 3 stories about HIV and AIDS are the focus surrounding a psychiatrist sessions. A harrowing look inside the circumstances set around lives as they take a wrong turn into a numbing new reality. Narrated tales with well carried performances and a compelling storyline, underscored by a moving soundtrack.

The Silent Observer

Directors:  Kevin Tudor Sr.

Screenwriter:  Kevin Tudor Sr.



The Silent Observer [2008]

Minutes: 19

Synopsis: A deaf mute encounters abuse when employed by a corrupt advertising agency.

Starring: Sean Richards, Susan Olupitan, Desiree Maumus, Justin Morgan, Ramcess Jean-Louis,


Woman of Convenience

Directors:  Kevin Tudor Sr.

Screenwriter:  Kevin Tudor Sr.


Woman of Convenience [2004]

Minutes: 17


Synopsis: Allison is a married woman who brags about her infedelities.
Starring: Leslie Shim, Susan Olupitan


Interview with a Widowmaker

Directors:  Kevin Tudor Sr.

Screenwriter:  Kevin Tudo Sr.

Genre:  Action, Sci-Fi


Interview with the Widowmaker [2011]


Synopsis: A freelance writer sets up an interview with a hired killer.

Starring: Rebeca Ibarra, Angela Funk


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