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Other produced titles available

You've got Netflix and you've also now got Sandstorm Flix with short films chopped into juicy webisode sized tales ranging from thrillers, sexy dramas, comedies, action... and more genres coming as we grow and build viewers. The cool thing is, our site gives you enough shorts to entertain and whet your appetites for a platform of mobile flix that are tailored to unique themes and intriguing stories. Stay tuned as we add more titles like these below in the weeks to come, as well as others such as "Writer's Block" and "Woman of Convenience".

Doctor's Orders
Doctors Orders [2006]
Minutes: 20

Synopsis: Marci is a part-time medical secretary overwhelmed with a variety of problems.


Starring: Leslie Shim, Gregory K.
Vicky's Dad

Vicky's Dad [2004]

Minutes: 24


Synopsis: Dr. Micheal Carson is a divorcee struggling with maintaining a busy surgical practice while raising his six year old daughter.


Starring: Brian Allen, Stacy Kelly
Hiatus [2007]
Minutes: 20

Synopsis: Debate brews about couples with opposite sex drives on a "girls/boys" night out.


Starring: Sean Richards, Desiree Maumus, Justin Morgan, Angel Capobianco, Dwayne Ferguson, Lauren King
A Nightime Story
A Night Time Story [2009]

Minutes: 11


Synopsis: Maya is a waitress with a dark secret.


Starring: Leslie Shim, Desiree Maumus,






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