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Sandstorm shorts make excellent webisodes for your Smart Phone and Smart TV viewing. Get a mini movie on the run! Click Full Screen for more enjoyable viewing.

All of Sandstorm Production's shorts and features share a common element: they highlight real life scenarios with believable characterizations. They tell a sharp, sometimes jarring tale and then sail you into wondering what happens next to the people... the story.  Produced using dedicated actors, well adapted to their roles, and directed with an eye for urban realism; Sandstorm Shorts make for tiny capsules of every day life, taken in under 15 minute doses and yet feeding you enough entertainment, edu-tainment and action to make you crave more.

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A Nighttime Story


Interview with the Widowmaker

Sandstorm Short Features

Hiatus [2007]

Minutes: 10:05

Synopsis: Debate brews about couples with opposite sex drives on a "girls/boys" night out.


Starring: Sean Richards, Desiree Maumus, Justin Morgan, Angel Capobianco, Dwayne Ferguson, Lauren King

A Nighttime Story [2009]

Minutes: 11:20

Synopsis: Maya is a waitress with a dark secret.


Starring: Leslie Shim, Desiree Maumus, K.V. Tudor

Interview with the Widowmaker [Short Feature]
Minutes: 11:37

Synopsis: A freelance writer sets up an interview with a hired killer.

Starring: Rebeca Ibarra, Angela Funk

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